Portraiture Pricing

Lux Engagement Session

• Exclusive to engagement sessions.
• Custom, fully-planned date for you and yours.
• 2-hour Session
• Digital Delivery
• Standard Print Release
• Archive Guarantee


Standard Portrait Session

• Relaxed and Fun
• 1-hour Session
• Digital Delivery
• Standard Print Release
• Archive Guarantee


A La Carte

Engagement Film


Add'l Hours


Portrait Album


Everlasting Gallery


Style & Approach

Portrait photography should be created with the subjects as authentically as possible. These rare and incredible images remind us what love is and show us things about the human experience. To achieve this, I invite a sense of relaxed joy to all my sessions; I ask that you just be yourself.

We'll have a lot of fun. Most of the session will just be us hanging out— we might go on an adventure, we might go for a drink, or maybe just a walk downtown! But no matter what, we're just gonna let the experience unfold naturally, capturing the best moments along the way.




Frequently Asked Questions

What can we expect?

The vibe for our session will be fun and relaxed. I might ask you questions, have you tell stories, or maybe even play some games to help create a natural, authentic presence.

I may occasionally ask you to hold a pose, but 80% of the session will be you just being yourself.

I will take A LOT of photos. You will only see the very best of them; your real smile, natural laughter, and that look in your eyes that you only get when you see your better half.

What do we wear?

Don't overthink it.

Be yourself.

Dress comfortably... But like, make it fashion!

Wear what you want, and your images naturally reflect your style and the aesthetics you want to achieve.

Where do we go?

Let's pick someplace special to you!

A favorite spot, or a total adventure.

No matter what, we're gonna have a damn good time!

When will we receive our images?

All your photos will be delivered digitally within one week.

How many images will I receive?

For a standard portrait session, expect 40-80 images.

For Date Night portrait session, anticipate 100-200 images.

How long will my images be online?

With the Archive Guarantee, I will always keep a copy of your final images. Always.

Just let me know if you ever need to re-download them for any reason! By default your images will be online in your gallery for one year. Everlasting Galleries also available.

After one year, please allow 10 business days for re-upload.

So what's a Date Night Portrait session...?

Literally the best way to do an engagement session— you and your fiancé get to enjoy a hosted surprise-planned date, and I'll be occasionally capturing some really incredible images of you having the best time of your lives.

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