Hey there! My name is Clayton. I’m a professional ham who loves to have a great time. I live for making art, helping other people, and the wonder of the everyday. 

Our world is amazing with so much to explore— especially living in Chicago. I'm so grateful to call this incredible city home!


Photography is my first passion, but I obsess over all things creative and technical: photography, filmmaking, design, cooking… I love it all.

When I’m not trying a new recipe or organizing our shelves for the 50th time, you can find me nerding out about some new piece of technology, watching birds be cute, or playing Here to Slay with my husband!

Better Together

Meet my husband Jordan. Most of the time we like to keep it chill and watch TV on the couch with our cats. But my favorite thing is going out in this iconic city— so many awesome restaurants and bars.

My husband Jordan and I also work together as a team. We often collaborate on his art and photograph weddings together. He helps make every project better!

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